Children Grieve too

 Losing a pet or someone close to you is especially hard when children are involved. Many families are not sure how to handle the situation and how much information should be shared with their children.

Some things you might be wondering.

How do I tell my child? What can I say to them? Are they too young?

It’s never too early to talk about loss with your child. The topic of death may seem taboo but it’s a natural part of life. Most children will know if something has happened as they will hear family members talk about it or see people upset. Let your child know it’s okay to talk to you about the person that past. It can help them move through the grief process and be happy about the memories that they’ve shared.


Conversation Starters

  • Do you understand what happened?
  • How are you feeling about the loss?
  • What is your favourite memory? 


How to tell them

Be honest with them. Tell them what happened and let them ask questions. You don’t have to go into details but it’s important to let your child know that the person has passed away and what happened so they can process it and find closure.

Stages of Grief in Children

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Signs you may want to reach out for professional help

  • Child is withdrawn.
  • Stops experiencing joy and happiness.
  • Avoiding conversation about loved one.
  • Outbursts that have become disruptive.
  • Loses interest in things they used to enjoy.

Resources for Child Psychologists and Councellors in Grande Prairie

Keystone Child & Family Therapy

Paramount Psychology & Councelling

Solutions Psychological Services


Literature on Death & Grieving for Children

Ida, Always by Caron Levis – Amazon | GPPL

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst – Amazon | GPPL

The Invisible String Workbook – Amazon

When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death by Laurie Krasny BrownAmazon | GPPL

Wherever you are: My Love will Find You by Nancy Tillman Amazon | GPPL

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