Comfort Care Bags

What are Comfort Care Bags?

                       Comfort Care Bags


In simplest terms the comfort care bag is made up of donated items to provide comfort to the palliative care person, their families and loved ones in this journey of their life and to let families know they are supported by their community during this difficult time.

What is in a Comfort Care Bag?

Comfort Care Bags are made up of everyday items that families can utilize when caring for a loved one in a palliative care setting.  Items like a light weight shawl to keep the chill off in the evening or travel shampoos/conditioners, mouthwash, hand creams for the families traveling or puzzles, crosswords, word searches and cards to keep the mind active or teddy bears, colouring books for both adults and children, play doe, bubbles, small toys to help the children engaged are items you will find in the Comfort Care Bags.

Note: Items differ in each bag because we rely solely on donations for this project. 

Know someone that could benefit from a Comfort Care Bag?

Please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 780-897-0066

Making Comfort Care Bags for Palliative Care Families

Want to Help?

We graciously accept both in-kind and monetary donations. Dollar-store gift cards are fantastic because they enable us to buy travel sized toiletries, crosswords, puzzles, colouring books, little seasonal goodies for the kids, etc.

For more information about the Comfort Care Bags please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 780-897-0066

Special Thanks!

Thank you to 100+ Women Who Care Grande Prairie for seeing the importance and need of this special project and providing the funds to kick it off.   Visit their group:

Thank you to local community businesses that help keep this project going and a success in our communities.