We have a variety of volunteering opportunities:

Volunteers for Events

  • Memory Tree Volunteers at Festival of Trees – volunteers help create awareness about Palliative Care, help set up and take down display, assist visitors with hanging memory cards on the tree and collect donations for the Memory Tree
  •  Swinging with the Stars  – volunteers participate in many different areas of this event from helping with planning, coordination, set up and take down, volunteers that provide dance instruction, volunteers that are the dancers, etc.
  • Educational/Workshop  – volunteers help with set up and take down, providing direction and information to attendees, etc
  • Promotional – these volunteers work in kiosks, greeting visitors and providing information about the Society, volunteering, etc
  • Casino/Ticket sales  – volunteers help out at casinos, selling raffle and 50/50 tickets, etc
  • Helping Hands  – these volunteers help make special crafts, put fliers together for upcoming events or workshops, and assist with activity based workshops

Volunteers for Hospice and Community

  • General Needs Volunteers (Hospice only) – these volunteers help out with daily needs to keep the hospice “homelike” for the patients living there but watering flowers, washing dishes in the family kitchen area, laundry when needed, etc. The nursing staff do all these duties along with personal care at the hospice and with our support through volunteers we can help them give more one on one care to the patients.
  • Friendly Visitor Volunteers (Hospice, facility and community) – these volunteers companion patients at hospice so families can have a break and also to companion patients that are alone and needing visitors. These volunteers can play cards or games, read to, reminisce, etc with patients
  • Pet Visitation(Hospice and community) – these volunteers go through an extra screening process with their pet so that they can safely take their pet into the facility and companion patients and their families
  • Vigil Volunteers (Hospice and  community) – these volunteers require extra Palliative Care training (which we provide yearly) and they sit with patients near death
  • Pen Pal Volunteers(Hospice, facility and community)  – these volunteers are paired up with patients to write letters to them like the “old days” or to write letters with them when they are no longer able to write but would like to send cards, etc
  • Respite Volunteers – these volunteers sit with patients in their home or hospice while the family runs errands, attends appointments, etc.