Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention will be offering Mental Health First Aid – Basic workshop on March 9 & 10 for a special price of $50 per person! This workshop is normally $225, however, thanks to the generous contributions from their partners they are able to provide the workshop for a reduced rate. This is a one-time promotion and prices will go back up to their normal rate afterwards!

Mental Health First Aid can be offered to someone with an emerging mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until appropriate treatment is found or the situation is resolved. This 2-day workshop helps participants learn the skills and build the confidence to manage a mental health crisis and connect the individual with the supports they need to improve their mental well-being. The basic course covers information that can be used for any population and covers the topics of substance-related disorders, mood-related disorders, anxiety and trauma-related disorders, and psychotic disorders.

To book your spot visit their website at:

For more information please contact the office at 780-539-6680 or email [email protected]