This falls Palliative “Care” Conversations Conference was a huge success thanks to the informative and dynamic speakers both, the hard work of our GPHPCS Volunteers, and the generosity of our Sponsors!

Topics included:

  • What is a Palliative Care Compassionate Community, why it makes sense, who is leading it and where?
  • Compassionate pain management and the use of opioids in end-of-life
  • Current and future outlook for palliative care in North West Alberta
  • Palliative Care Initiatives and What’s new in Palliative Care Services
  • Mental Wellness during Life’s Transitions
  • The Impact of Music in Palliative Care
  • Starting the Hard Conversations
  • Community View to Navigate Palliative Care

We are extremely grateful for the support of our generous sponsors:

  • BNI Northwest Success
  • Gurevitch Burnham LLP Law Office
  • KMSC Law LLP

A special thank you to Speakers:

  • Bonnie Tompkins
  • Dr. Chary
  • Terri Woytkiw
  • Jody Walker
  • Kelsi McInnes
  • Mahoganie Hines
  • Rob Smith
  • Dr. Barrath (emcee)
  • Jane Manning
  • Carol Ballard
  • Teresa Evans (emcee)
  • Cate Sazwan (co-emcee)

And last but not least…A heartfelt thank you to our Volunteers!