What are Comfort Care Bags?



Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society recognizes that Comfort Care is an essential part of medical care at the end of life. It is care that helps or soothes a person who is dying. The goal is to prevent or relieve suffering as much as possible while respecting the dying person’s wishes.

Our Society collects donations from local organizations and businesses to make Comfort Care Bags for the person and their loved ones during this end-of-life journey. Effort is put into tailoring each bag to the individual client’s needs.

The goal of these Comfort bags are to make the person and their loved ones time together as comfortable as possible with reassurance that the community and care team are there to support them through this difficult time.

The contents of each bag are for the person who is currently receiving comfort care support, their loved ones and friends. 

We appreciate feedback, suggestions and thoughts from clients, families, friends, staff and caregivers about our bags, their contents and their helpfulness as we are striving to make them best suited for their purpose.



What can I donate?

-Wet wipes
-Travel size crib boards
-Travel size crossword puzzle books, Sudoku, word search, etc.
-Fuzzy/stretchy socks
-Adult colouring books or individual colouring pages
-Pencil crayons and sharpeners
-Mini containers of bubbles
-Play-doh or clay
-PJ’s for both men and women (we open the backs of them and use in place of hospital gowns)
-Small containers of hand sanitizer and wipes
-Eyeglass cleaner and cloths
-Items to occupy hands (fidgets, spinners, pin wheels or wind spinners to blow in, etc.)

Anything else that you feel would be beneficial is also always welcome.

Items can be dropped of at:
Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society
#204, 10134 – 97 Ave
Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 7X6

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Do you have a loved one who is Palliative?

Hospice and Community members are always welcome to receive a Comfort Care bag.

Please fill out the form below and return to us at:
[email protected]

#204, 10134 – 97 Ave
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 7X6

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“You matter because you are, you matter until the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully but also to live until you die.”

-Dr. Cicely Saunders

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