Companioning Thru Grief

A grief & bereavement companion is a person who has had additional specialized training in the “Companioning” model of care, established by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. This philosophy of care is designed to be compassionate, mourner-led, and soul and spirit based. It is focused on actively listening to those experiencing grief and is about being present to another person’s pain rather than taking it away or treating it. Through listening in this way, it creates a safe, non-judgmental, sacred space to tell one’s story, to walk alongside of another as they bear the weight of their grief, transform and integrate the loss, and find their way to a new normal.

“Companioning Thru Grief” would not be possible without the help of Marianne (Retired Social Worker) and Marc (Psychology Student). These individuals donate their time and energy to assist families who may be grieving a loss of a loved one and need help on their journey to heal and find a new path forward.

Our hope is to provide a safe space and professional companioning for those who are grieving.”

– Marc Moncrieff

Different Types of Grief

Normal Grief: A broad umbrella of predictability. There is movement towards acceptance of the loss, symptoms soften, and one stays engaged in basic daily activities.

Anticipatory Grief: Proceeds actual loss. A natural response to a loss that is anticipated, such as when someone dies from long term illness.

Disenfranchised Grief: When grief is invalidated or seen as insignificant by a culture, society, or support group. This can occur when death is stigmatized (suicide), seen as insignificant (pet), loss in not a death (dementia).

Complicated Grief: Grief reaction or feelings of loss that are debilitating, long lasting, and/or impair your ability to engage in daily activities.

Cumulative Grief: When one’s experiences a second loss while still grieving a first loss. This is sometimes referred to as “bereavement overload” or “grief overload”.

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"You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully but also to live until you die."

-Dr. Cicely Saunders

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