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Virtual Care

Virtual Care

The Virtual “Care” Project is sponsored by Swan City Rotary Club through The Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society (GPPCS).

GPPCS loans smart devices (iPad, tablet, smartphone) to residents and their family to utilize during their stay in Hospice. The smart devices are loaded with apps, resources and books for residents and their family to utilize.

Devices are loaded with a Gmail addresses and are linked to a corresponding google photos account which the client and their family are the only people with access too. Photos and videos that are taken on the device will automatically upload to google photos to enjoy and review at leisure. The account login is only shared with who the client and family choose, and it is theirs to keep indefinitely.

Upon return of the device to GPPCS we will wipe the device to factory settings and reload it for the next family to use and enjoy.

GPPCS Website is added to the homepage of each device to browse through. It is packed with resources and information to help along the journey.

Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are installed to the homepage. These apps are used as a tool to provide leisure, enjoyment and connect clients with their loved ones afar, communities, and normalcy of the everyday.

Volunteers and staff are always available if clients or families are in need of assistance or training using these devices.

Volunteers can also be paired with clients and families to provide virtual visitation, comfort and resources during their stay in hospice.

Interested in loaning a device?

You can contact us by phone at: 780-897-0066
or fill out the form below and return to: [email protected]

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“You matter because you are, you matter until the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully but also to live until you die.” -Dr. Cicely Saunders

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At Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society, our mission is to establish and maintain expert end-of-life care for community members with a terminal illness and to provide support for their families.

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